Can this ‘national DDoS radar’ plan help fight off attacks on Dutch critical systems?

A team of cybersecurity researchers has come up with a proposal to help the Netherlands ward off the threat of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks. Their concept is to create a “national DDoS radar system” that could, in extreme cases, see Dutch networks disconnected from the outside world.

The Netherlands was earlier this year hit by a wave of DDoS attacks that took out banks such as ABN Amro and ING Bank, along with the Dutch Taxation Authority. Although some initially pointed to the Russians as the culprits, police ended up arresting a local 18-year-old. The attacks alarmed researchers working at or associated with the University of Twente, who came up with a proposal to address the issue.

Read about the researchers’ proposal, outlined in an open letter that was published on Thursday, that calls for “a proactive and collaborative DDoS mitigation strategy for the country’s critical infrastructure, which resolves around providers of critical services continually collecting information on potential and active DDoS sources and automatically sharing this information with other providers”, on ZDNet.

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