How can IoT stakeholders mitigate the risk of life-threatening cyberattacks?

With an estimated 20 billion Internet-connected devices set to appear in our homes and offices by the end of the decade, future cyberattacks will dwarf what we’ve seen to date. These connected devices will feed into fundamental infrastructure we rely on every day: transportation, power plants, medical devices, and supply chains, for example. As cyberattacks move from financial and reputation risks into the realm of ‘life and death’ consequences, which IoT stakeholders should we turn to to address this?

The most significant IoT ‘stakeholders’ fall into three wide categories: IoT device makers and developers, end-user companies, and governments. These stakeholders will need to craft an effective response to this new breed of IoT-based threat.

Read how Gary Weiss, SVP and GM of security, discovery, and analytics at OpenText, thinks IoT device makers and developers, end-user companies, and governments might mitigate the risk of the first life-threatening hack on Help Net Security.

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