Avoiding the Ransomware Mistakes that Crippled Atlanta

Last month, five of Atlanta’s 13 government offices were “hijacked,” as the city’s mayor put it, by ransomware that disrupted far-reaching facets of the city’s digital infrastructure. This was hardly an isolated incident. From Dallas to Denver, hackers leveraging ransomware have been able to “hijack” municipal networks largely because these entities were poorly protected.

Atlanta was an easy target due to its incredibly outdated use of technology in the broader sense. Old computers running on non-supported platforms are a characteristic of many municipal operations, as most major cities support such a vast IT operation that updating every digital asset is time and cost prohibitive. This means that cyber vulnerabilities run rampant in local government, threatening the physical and intangible structures that hold society together.

Read why Chris Park, CIO at iboss, thinks common sense tactics can go a long way in avoiding the ransomware mistakes that crippled Atlanta, on DarkReading.

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