Apple, Cisco partnership expands with cybersecurity insurance offering

Apple and Cisco announced Monday that they’re partnering up with insurer Allianz and risk evaluator Aon to offer discounts on cyber insurance to joint business customers.

The companies said the aim is to offer businesses a more efficient and affordable way to manage cyber risks from ransomware and malware threats by bringing together security technology, secure devices, cybersecurity domain expertise, and cyber insurance. The caveat is that eligible businesses must be using Cisco’s Ransomware Defense platform and certain Apple hardware.

Cisco’s platform includes advanced email security, endpoint protection, and malicious internet site blocking. Apple, meanwhile, is pointing to the integration of hardware, software, and services in iOS devices as assurance that its products are secure and encrypted. The offering will also include individualized risk analysis, reduced pricing on deductibles, and incident response and support services from Cisco and Aon if a cyber attack does occur.

Read more about the expansion of the Apple and Cisco partnership which will offer discounts on cyber insurance to joint business customers on ZDNet.

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