Android smartphone security : Four apps to secure your Android secure

Approximately 2 billion users throughout the world own an Android smartphone or tablet. Growing Android smartphone popularity has its own benefits but has also led to an increase in the number of cyber attacks.  While popularity means more Apps and games but it also brings more malware-laden Apps and password-stealing malware.

While Google is on its toes to issue patches against flaws and bugs, it can’t protect users against malafide App download by the user. Therefore it is imperative that you have add-on security to protect your smartphone being used by cybercriminals for illegitimate profit.

While Google has some core protection build into the operating system, it is sorely missing in action on malware busting Apps front. This is were many Apps published by third-party developers come in to picture. You can use these third-party Apps to combat most cyber attacks.

These Apps will help you strengthen your Android device defenses reducing cyber risks.

Top four Apps to protect your Android smartphone:

Password management App – LastPass

The password is the perhaps the last feature standing between you not getting hacked. Strong passwords deter the severest of cyber attacks. The problem is that most users rely on passwords like 12345678 and such making it easy for cybercriminals to hack your Android device. Also, people use the same password for all the services they use including their social media and bank accounts because it is way too hard to memorize a string of random letters, numbers, and special characters for every account. This is were a good password manager comes into the picture.The password management App requires you to memorize only its password because it manages all the other passwords for you.

LastPass is perhaps the best password management App available on Google Play Store. Its combination of reasonable pricing and a rich feature set it apart from other such Apps. You can read about all the Password Managment Apps here.

Anti-Virus App – Norton Mobile Security

Like your PC, your Android device also needs protection against virus, trojans, worms, and malware. Password stealing Apps, phishing Apps, and bitcoin miners make a regular entry in Google Play Store deceiving users into downloading them. Google’s new Play Protect system only has a real-time detection rating of 48.5 percent meaning that at least half of Apps on Google Play Store could potentially be malware vectors.

While there are many anti-virus Apps available on Google Play Store, Norton Mobile Security is one of the best antivirus App for your Android device. Norton App has 100 percent real-time detection rate and offers a full suite of security features to protect you from multiple threat vectors.

Virtual Private Network Apps – NordVPN

One of the biggest challenges of the modern-day Internet is protecting our data and privacy. As we communicate online, hackers devise ways and means to through the Internet. If this data isn’t protected, hackers using variety of methods like Man-in-the-middle attack. Having a VPN App encrypts your data and makes it almost impossible for the hacker to steal it.

One of the best VPN Apps available on Google Play Store is NordVPN App. NordVPN encrypts your data offering you complete anonymity while surfing the Internet. Its feature called CyberSec scans URLs against an always-updated block list of harmful sites.

Messaging App – Signal

One of the favorite vectors for phishing attacks remains your messages. Also, Android’s default SMS app isn’t encrypted, making your conversations visible to anybody who has ways and means to access it. Having a messenger service with end-to-end encryption will protect your Android device and you against hack attacks.

Signal Private Messenger is one of the best messaging Apps providing you with complete anonymity and security. Signal uses randomly generated authentication tokens, and temporary IP address to fool cybercriminals.


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