The advent of GDPR could fuel extortion attempts by criminals

The number of exploit kit attacks is, slowly but surely, going down, and malware peddlers are turning towards more reliable tactics such as spam, phishing, and targeting specific, individual vulnerabilities. That’s the good news. The bad news is that everything else is on the rise: BEC scams, ransomware, stealthy crypto-mining, the number of enterprise records compromised in data breaches.

Trend Micro has released its annual security roundup the past year, and it shows several interesting trends that will likely continue into 2018, including BEC scams, the meteoric ascent of stealthy crypto-mining, and the continued proliferation of ransomware.

Read more about the threat landscape of 2017 and the predictions for the threat landscape of 2018, including the projection that the advent of GDPR could fuel extortion attempts by cyber criminals, who have already made a definite move towards extorting organizations and are currently refining and targeting their attacks for greater financial return, on Help Net Security.

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