Ad network circumvents blockers to hijack browsers for cryptocurrency mining

Researchers have discovered an advertising network which has figured out a way to bypass ad blocking software in order to serve website visitors with cryptojacking scripts. This week, cybersecurity researchers from Netlab 306 revealed the scheme, which impacted visitors to websites which used the firm’s advertising network.

Since 2017, the unnamed company has been able to bypass ad blockers by using domain DGA technology to generate random domain addresses, ensuring adverts reach end users. While there is nothing technically wrong with this technique in order to serve adverts, the reason for using it is — in order to steal computing power to mine cryptocurrency.

One of the most popular online mining scripts available today is CoinHive, which can be installed in web page coding to borrow additional power from CPUs when visitors view the page. While this uses a small amount of power used to mine the Monero cryptocurrency, if this script is served on websites with heavy traffic, the trickle of mined cryptocurrency can turn into a flood.

Read more about the advertising network that circumvents ad blockers to hijack browsers for cryptocurrency mining on ZDNet.

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