93% of Cloud Applications Aren’t Enterprise-Ready

Data shows the average businesses has 1,181 cloud services, and nearly all of them — 92.7% — are not enterprise-ready. This data comes from Netskope, which discovered trends around cloud service adoption and usage by analyzing anonymized data from its Netskope Active Platform.

The number of cloud services ranges from a few hundred in smaller organizations to more than 3,000 in large enterprises. To determine whether an app was “enterprise-ready,” analysts used parameters from the Cloud Security Alliance’s Cloud Controls Matrix. They researched more than 40 parameters from each cloud service, including business continuity, data security, access control, privacy, and auditing, and used these to rank services as low, medium, high, or excellent.

Human resources and marketing departments are major drivers of cloud adoption. The average count of HR apps across organizations is 139, the highest yet for any given department. Researchers are seeing a broad transition from traditionally on-premises HR services to cloud-based apps like Workday, SuccessFactors, and Ultimate Software. Most of these new apps contain sensitive data but aren’t always sanctioned by IT, putting the data at risk.

Read more about the research by Netskope on DarkReading.

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