82% of cyber pros worry employees don’t follow cloud security policies

The shift to the cloud is becoming a business imperative for the majority of companies, as 87% of public and private organizations now have cloud-first initiatives in place, according to a new report from Oracle and KPMG. While the cloud offers benefits such as cost savings and the ability to move faster on certain projects, it also creates an increasingly complex threat landscape for organizations to navigate, the report noted.

Of the 450 cybersecurity and IT professionals worldwide surveyed in the report, the vast majority—90%—said that at least half of their cloud data is sensitive information. Keeping this information secure is tantamount, and 41% of organizations said they now have a dedicated cloud security architect on staff. However, 38% of respondents said they face issues detecting and reacting to threats in the cloud—the most frequently cited security problem, the report found.

Read more about the findings of the new report from Oracle and KPMG on TechRepublic.

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