4 steps to creating a winning cybersecurity strategy in 2018

Most organizations are in the phase of rapidly gearing up to contain and manage cybersecurity threats. The question is how and where to begin?

In many ways the US Federal Government went through this same difficult phase in 2015 due to the OPM data breach. There are some worthwhile lessons to be learned­­. One of the key elements of the Federal response was to set cybersecurity at the forefront of a chief executive’s responsibility with clear assignment of accountability. The second element was to provide funding and investments to upgrade the cybersecurity posture. These upgrades included concerted programs such as the Cybersecurity sprints and the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation (CDM) Program amongst others.

Read about 4 steps to creating a winning cybersecurity strategy for mid-sized organizations and enterprises looking to focus on cybersecurity issues on CSO.

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