3 Steps To Beef Up Your SD WAN Security

Software-defined wide access networks (SD WANs) are becoming widespread, and for good reason. SD WAN products are cheaper than standard network equipment, as are the operational costs associated with adding new sites to the network. In addition, the benefits of intelligently managed traffic also increase both business operational efficiency and user experience.

However, as onsite IT infrastructure becomes a thing of the past, business owners and CTOs still need to stay on top of their game when it comes to security issues. Although SD-WANs use 256-bit encryption as a standard (i.e. protecting data with a key that would be too long for hackers to crack, even with the most powerful computer), they are not immune to being breached by sophisticated cyberattacks. If you haven’t already, you should speak to your SD WAN provider to find out what specific security is in place on your network. Keep in mind, different vendors will provide slightly different security technologies

Read about the three steps you should run through to beef up your SD WAN security once you’re confident the basics are in place on Information Security Buzz.

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