Reactive Security Strategy Poses Significant Challenge for CISOs

Today at Singapore International Cyber Week, F5 Networks released a comprehensive report on the evolving nature of the CISO role and the IT security approaches organizations around the world are taking in today’s constantly shifting threat landscape. Read about the new report by F5 Networks which reveals that although CISOs have varying degrees of influence […]

Enterprise IT security planning: Five ways to build a better strategy

Read Mark Samuels list five ways enterprises can build better cyber security strategy on ZDNet : Those buzzwords recommended for building a successful digital business, such as flexibility, agility and openness, don’t always fit nicely with more sober requirements like the needs of a corporate security policy. Read his full article here.

Data breach: What if it’s you?

While most people worry about their credit card information being stolen, true identity theft that involves names, dates of birth, driver’s license numbers, passport numbers or Social Security numbers is a much bigger headache. Read what you can do if you get a data breach on Express News.

Report: Average enterprise data breach cost rises to $1.3M

The cost of a data breach for enterprises in North America increased this year, according to a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, released Tuesday. The total impact of a data breach now amounts to $1.3 million for large companies—up from $1.2 million in 2016, the report found. Read about the new report […]

A Clear and Present Danger: Small Business Cyber Attacks

Read why Melinda Emerson says that small and medium businesses face clear and present danger from cyber attacks on Huffington Post : Yes, even your business can become a victim. It may already be a target. Although large businesses are victims of much-publicized cyber attacks, more than 60 percent of cyber attacks affect small businesses. […]

Massachusetts AG sues Equifax over massive data breach

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey filed a lawsuit against Equifax on Tuesday, following a massive hack at the company that exposed sensitive financial information for nearly half the US population. Read the news about the suit filed by Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey against Equifax on CNet.

Helping small businesses deal with cyber threats

Read Quentin E. Hodgson’s article about how small and medium businesses can protect themselves against cyber threats on Newsday : Target. Anthem. The Office of Personnel Management. HBO. The WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks. The biggest cyber attacks of the last few years are familiar to most. Read his full article here.

Why is an IoT Security Standard needed

Read why Marc says that a Internet of Things security standard is needed to regulate IoT devices on IoT Business News : The recent wave of cyber attacks is a clear reminder of the importance of proper information security. The latest Equifax breach didn’t just leave over 140 million customers exposed and vulnerable; it also […]

DDoS protection, mitigation and defense: 7 essential tips

Read George V. Hulme list 7 essential tips for companies for DDoS protection, mitigation and defense on CSO Online : DDoS attacks are bigger and more ferocious than ever and can strike anyone at any time. With that in mind we’ve assembled some essential advice for protecting against DDoS attacks. Read his full article here.

Here’s how Twitter is trying to win its war against terrorism

Read Maya Kosoff’s article on the tools Twitter uses to remove terrorist-related accounts at lightning speed: Using automated tools is a necessity for a platform with 328 million users like Twitter. Facebook and YouTube have likewise adapted algorithms to combat extremist content, instead of removing it manually, which would likely prove an insurmountable task. Read […]