8 Solid Cyber Security Measures for Small Businesses

The rate of cyber attacks targeting small businesses has been mounting since 2011. Symantec, the global web and system security company in its 2016 Internet Security Threat Report has showcased how cyber security issues for small businesses have increased in the recent years. Read about the eight ways in which small and medium businesses can […]

How terrorism may be changing the way you get your passports

Security concerns at Canadian passport offices have led to a procedural overhaul. To minimize the risk of attack, the government is not only beefing up protective measures; it’s also changing the way citizens apply for passports. A couple of changes are notable: the first is a shift from a 5-year to a 10-year renewal period; […]

Is your physical access control system out of date? Staying up on tech trends

By 2020, experts expect the global market for card-based electronic access control (EAC) systems to reach $10.1 billion. In spite of that impressive figure, most enterprises currently rely on old and insecure technology to protect their buildings. In order to improve the sitution, Global Industry Analysts have compiled a white paper that might be of […]

What’s being done to protect the high seas off Nigeria from piracy and robbery

Nigeria is arranging for a brand new maritime security infrastructure, according to the country’s Minister of Transportation. The new initiatives are designed to combat piracy and sea robbery off the coasts and on the nation’s waterways. Like many states in the region, the Nigerian government is trying to boost security in an attempt to “facilitate […]

Safeguard Email From Internal and External Threats

Email continues to be a major source of cyber-attacks, and security and risk officers need to be more aware of both outside attackers and internal threats, says a recent study. The report, “Don’t Just Look Externally for Security Threats,” points to three groups responsible for these threats: external attacks that have compromised internal accounts. Read/see […]

Attacks exploiting software vulnerabilities are on the rise

Attacks conducted with the help of exploits are among the most effective as they generally do not require any user interaction, and can deliver dangerous code without arousing user suspicion. Read about the new report by Kaspersky Lab which reveals that there were 702 million attempts to launch an exploit in 2016 – an increase of […]

Users Overshare Sensitive Enterprise Data

When it comes to keeping confidential data locked down, it turns out that even employees trained in cybersecurity best practices still don’t always know how to protect sensitive information, according to the Dell End-User Security Survey 2017 released today. Read about the latest Dell End-User Security Survey 2017 released today which reveals that nearly half of the […]

The Cost Of Cyber Breach — How Much Your Company Should Budget

Ariel Evans is an American Israeli cybersecurity expert, entrepreneur and business developer. She recently took the helm of an Israeli cyber risk company that provide enterprises, cyber insurers and M&A teams quantification of cyber risk. Read the interview with Ariel Evans who explains the cost of data breach and how much should any company budget […]

A Call for IoT Standards

Read why Joonho Park says that the industry needs set of Internet of Things standards to regulate cyber security on Datacenter Knowledge : As anticipation for the Internet of Things has blossomed, so have misgivings and fears about its security vulnerabilities. Several high profile incidents, particularly the Mirai episode, have raised questions about the security risks […]

News Poll: Data analytics has value in the industry

Data analytics and big data are big topics in the industry, coming up at several industry events—but is there value in it? Eighty-nine percent of respondents to Security Systems News’ recent poll say their companies are either using data analytics or considering it as an offering. Read about the new poll held by Security Systems News […]