How Machine Learning is Making for Better IT Security

Read Cecilia Pizzurro explain how machine learning is a good option for better IT security on Inside Big Data Recent threats to the U.S. government and major hospital networks have made it clear that no industry is immune from cyber crime. As data breaches continue to rise to the forefront for businesses small and large, […]

Protect Yourself with a Cyber Security Assessment

Read Stephen Nardone why says that it is necessary for companies to protect themselves with a cyber security assessment on CIO : The ugly truth is that your organization has either been the victim of a recent cyber security breach, or it will be. Despite spending billions on cyber security—$75 billion last year, growing to […]

Half of companies unnecessarily grant employees more access than needed

Although insider leaks and attacks continue to multiply, recent research found 58 percent of IT operations and security managers believe their organizations unnecessarily grant access to individuals beyond their roles, with 91 percent predicting the risk of insider threats will grow or stay the same. Read more about the new research by Force Point which reveals that nearly […]

KPMG: Almost One in Five Shoppers Consider Data Breaches Deal Breakers

No one likes to be involved in a data breach. It takes all kinds of time to fix, and you’re always left wondering when the next shoe will drop and leave you struggling to piece together your own life. In fact, according to a new report from KPMG, 19 percent of shoppers would actually stop shopping […]

Cognitive security to help fight cyber crimes

Read Vaidyanathan R Iyer explain how cognitive security can help companies fight cyber crimes on First Post : As we continue to digitise our records and move towards a fully online world, concerns keep mounting over the security of the reams of data and confidential information stored online. And this has required enterprises and entities […]

Don’t Get Stranded without a Data Security Action Plan

Read Mark Shelhart warn companies not to be left stranded without a data security action plan on Healthcare Informatics : The cybersecurity challenges that face healthcare providers can seem staggering. Last year, the industry accounted for nearly 70 percent of all records exposed in data breaches, according to the Identity Theft Resource Center, and protected […]

Inspecting the Industrial Internet of Things

Read Dale Green’s article about industrial Internet of Things on IT Pro Portal : Many people by now have some level of awareness of The Internet of Things (IoT), if not first-hand experience. Washing machines sending notifications when a part needs renewing. A kettle boiling based on your estimated waking time. Lights that switch on […]

Mobile Hacking: a novel twist in financial crime

Read  Bill Schroder’s article on how mobile hacking has emerged as a big threat vector in financial crime on The World Beast : Criminals are utilizing these softwares and malwares for stealing the financial and banking information from consumers who have no idea that they are being hacked by a mobile hacking group. Law enforcement agents […]

Cyberthreats Targeting the Factory Floor

Read Barak Perelman explain how cyber criminals are now targeting industries on Industry Week : As more and more industrial control systems (ICS) become connected to smart devices, enterprise IT systems and the Internet, manufacturing operations are increasingly exposed to cyberattacks. These attacks can cause manufacturing disruptions, leading to defective products, production downtime, physical damage and […]

Artificial intelligence and the future of cyber-security

Read Alexandre Arbelet and Daniel Brown explain the role of artificial intelligence in enhancing cyber-security on SC Magazine. As more cyber-security threats arise every day, extensive research into prevention and detection schemes is being conducted globally. One of the issues faced is keeping up with the sheer mass of new emerging threats online. Traditional detection schemes […]