Google Android Security report 2017: We read it so you don’t have to

Google released its Android security report just to let you know that you’re not loading up on potentially harmful applications. While the report is partly a marketing vehicle for Android given Apple often touts its security, there are some key takeaways to ponder. We read through the 56-page Android report so you don’t have to. […]

The Cambridge Analytica saga is a scandal of Facebook’s own making

Read why John Harris says that Facebook mess was inevitable as Facebook has worked tirelessly to gather as much data on users as it could – and to profit from it on The Guardian : Big corporate scandals tend not to come completely out of the blue. As with politicians, accident-prone companies rarely become that […]

How to protect your Facebook privacy – or delete yourself completely

If the revelations that Cambridge Analytica acquired the records of 50 million Facebook users has you wondering how to protect your own personal information, you may already have discovered the maze of privacy settings the social networking site offers. First, the good news: the feature that allowed the most egregious data harvesting used by the […]

The most significant UK data breaches

Read Tamlin Magee list the most significant data breaches which impact consumers in the United Nations on Computer World UK : Seldom does a week go by without a major data breach being reported. As organisations continue to struggle to secure their valuable data against an ever-growing range of threats, the fear of a breach […]

Privilege escalation on Unix machines via plugins for text editors

Several of the most popular extensible text editors for Unix environments could be misused by attackers to escalate privileges on targeted systems, SafeBreach researchers have found. They tested Sublime, Vim, Emacs, Gedit, Pico and its clone Nano on machines running Ubuntu, and have managed to exploit the process of loading plugins to achieve privilege escalation […]

The Ransomware Threat to ICS Security

Industrial control systems (referred to as ICS) have faced an ever-growing volume of threats over the past few years. From 2015 to 2016, IBM Managed Security Services reported a 110 percent increase in ICS cybersecurity attacks. The US accounted for most of these incidents, given it has the most Internet-connected ICS networks on the planet, […]

IBM unveils ‘world’s smallest computer’ with blockchain at Think 2018

From being around two storey’s high, computers have come a long way to fit in your backpack and even in your hand. There was a time when computers were thought to only the preserve of the military but now every Tom, Dick, and Harry owns one form or other computing devices. With the transistors used […]

The Case for Integrating Physical Security & Cybersecurity

Early last year in “Grizzly Steppe and Carbanak: The Dangers of Miscalculation in Cyberspace,” TruSTAR researchers outlined the overlap of tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) between Russian state organizations and criminal organizations like the Carbanak hacking group. They found that Carbanak and attacks attributed to Russian state security agencies were utilizing some the same infrastructure to […]

7 Spectre/Meltdown Symptoms That Might Be Under Your Radar

Spectre and Meltdown are awful. That much goes without saying. When a vulnerability in the heart of the CPU can bring your secure authentication efforts to naught, it’s a bad thing. But in addition to the obvious security threats, there could be significant impact on an organization’s budgets, schedules, vendor relationships, and product plans. And […]

Orbitz says hacker stole two years’ worth of customer data

Travel booking website Orbitz has been hacked, the company said. The site, now owned by Expedia, confirmed in a statement that it “identified and remediated a data security incident affecting a legacy travel booking platform.” According to the statement, the company found evidence in March that an attacker had access to the company’s legacy systems between […]