Physical Security at Data Centres Must Not Be Neglected

With cyber security expected to top $101 billion by 2018, the tendency for data centre managers to focus on updating cyber security practices is understandable, especially as technology and threats are ever changing. Read why Greg McCulloch of Aegis Data says that companies should not neglect physical security of data centers on Information Security Buzz.

Cybercrime Hit Businesses Hardest in 2015, says IC3 Report

Businesses were hit hardest by inbox-based scams in 2015 that robbed U.S. companies of $263 million. The numbers come from the FBI’s recently released 2015 Internet Crime Report that tallies the types of cybercrimes hitting U.S. business and individuals the hardest. According to the FBI, its Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received 288,012 complaints last […]

Indicting Hackers and Known Vulnerabilities

Read Dr. Michael Sulmeyer’s article about how the court indicts hackers on Lawfare Blog : In March, the Justice Department unsealed an indictment against seven Iranians for hacking the U.S. financial sector and a dam in New York. Debate ensued between supporters and skeptics of using indictments to hold hackers accountable. Read his full article here.

The disturbing new way hackers are shaking down big business

Imagine a criminal breaks into your home but doesn’t steal anything or cause any damage. Instead, they photograph your personal belongings and valuables and later that day hand-deliver a letter with those pictures and a message: “Pay me a large sum of cash now, and I will tell you how I got in.” Read about […]

Cyber Forensics and the Rise of Digital Sherlocks

Read Doug Bonderud article on cyber forensics on IP Switch : No company is immune to crime. Whether it’s internal theft, external hacking or even attempts to damage property, every organization faces the challenge of illegal activity. While it’s critical to develop a response plan that outlines who takes action, what your recovery timeline is […]

Avoiding the cybersecurity risks of cloud-based security solutions

From enterprise applications to small businesses, schools, health care facilities and beyond, investments in physical security systems provide valuable resources to help protect people, property and assets – and ultimately the financial security and well-being of the organisation. Read how to avoid cyber security risks of cloud based security solutions on Source Security.

Internet of Things – New security and privacy challenges

The Internet of Things, an emerging global Internet-based technical architecture facilitating the exchange of goods and services in global supply chain networks has an impact on the security and privacy of the involved stakeholders. Measures ensuring the architecture’s resilience to attacks, data authentication, access control and client privacy need to be established. Read the white […]

The Big Breach ‘Elephant In The Room’

Mike Cook, CEO and Founder of XOR Data Exchange, says that every time a company gets hit with a data breach, it’s the same old cycle: compromised companies take too long to report, and when they do and notify consumers that their information might be compromised, part of the consumer apology tour is offering consumers […]

Making security a high priority may not lead to improved measures

Technology professionals see many steps that could be taken to improve their company’s security. Just over half of the 500 security professionals surveyed by CompTIA say their company has altered its security approach based on changes in IT operations; such as relying on more cloud-based solutions or making wider use of mobile devices and apps. […]

Incident Response in the Cloud Age: Addressing the Skills Gap

Read Mike Rothman explain how companies can process skill development for good incident response program on Securosis Blog : As we described in the last post, undertaking incident response in the Cloud Age requires an evolution of the response process, given that you have access to additional data sources you didn’t have before, including external threat […]