Staying Ahead of the Cybersecurity Threat

Read Aaron Hand explain how automation suppliers can stay ahead of the cyber security threat on Automation World : Cybersecurity has become a given in everything that automation suppliers pursue. Where not so many years ago automation was sold with little regard to the ramifications of being connected, today suppliers are more accountable than ever for […]

Why Breach-Related Injury Is Hard For Consumers To Prove

Do hacked retailers owe consumers compensation when their credit card data is hack? Such is the question increasingly emerging as more and more customer data is going up on the block via various hacks, though thus far the answer has mostly been “no.” Read why breach related injury is hard for consumers to prove on […]

Ransomware and Cyber Extortion Are on the Rise – What Can Be Done?

Read Thomas B. Caswell and Rory D. Zamansky take a look at what can be done about cyber extortion and ransomware on Claims Journal : Ransomware is evolving from a relatively low-dollar extortion racket, into a more sophisticated, more expensive, and more prevalent major criminal activity. Hardly a day goes by anymore without ransomware or […]

Stare Into the Dark Side of DDoS Attacks

Read Stephen Gates take a look at the dark side of DDoS attacks on Credit Union Times : For more than a decade, attackers have used distributed denial of service attacks to disrupt their victims’ operations, often taking organizations completely offline. The motivations behind these attacks include notoriety, competitive advantage, cyber warfare, terrorism, hacktivism and/or […]

Why Every DevOps Practice Needs Next-Generation Data Security

Read why Louis Evans says that every DevOps practice should have next generation data security on App Developer Magazine : As engineers and managers, we live in a world of tradeoffs. A fast solution is usually a sloppy one; a cheap solution is often a fragile one. Any solution that breaks these tradeoffs is extraordinary. […]

UK Government Recommends Cutting CEO Salaries in Case of Cyber Incidents

Last week, the UK government published a report on the state of cyber security in the soon-to-be non-EU member, and one of the recommendations included is that CEOs should have their salaries or bonuses cut when a cyber incident that could have been easily avoided happens nonetheless. Read about the new recommendation by UK government […]

Five ways to create a robust mobile management strategy for the distributed enterprise

Mobile devices are ruling the world. Whether they are being used for consumer or business purposes, we will continue to reach new records over the coming years. According to June 2016 figures from IDC, global shipments are expected to reach 1.84 billion in 2020. Read about the five ways businesses can create a robust mobile […]

Business Processes Are Learning to Hack Themselves

Read explain how machine learning and artificial intelligence is helping manufacturing sector on Harvard Business Review : The factory floor is a marvel of automation. With a press of a button, the whole place can seem to run itself. But although today’s factories use automated workflows, process change is still mostly manual. Read their full article […]

For Consumers, Injury Is Hard to Prove in Data-Breach Cases

Read Nicole Hong explain why data breach is a much bigger problem for customers on Wall Street Journal : As data breaches become more widespread, judges around the country are grappling with a new question: whether hacked companies should have to compensate customers for breaches that expose credit-card numbers or other personal information. Read her […]

Fed agencies look to encourage use of ethical hacking in healthcare

The healthcare industry is a prime candidate to benefit from ethical hacking, a concept that could help bolster the cybersecurity of provider organizations and payers. That’s the opinion of Lucia Savage, chief privacy officer in the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, who believes ethical hacking could help probe cyber defenses to identify […]