Best antivirus for Mac: Protect yourself from malicious software

Macs may be a far less tempting target for malware and viruses, but they’re not immune from attack. Even if you don’t care about adware or being used as a means to infect users on other platforms, it’s still possible to fall victim to ransomware, password theft, or stolen iPhone backups. Accordingly, good antivirus software […]

Internet Explorer has a zero-day bug that Microsoft needs to fix

Internet Explorer is pre-installed on every Windows PC, even though it’s been superseded by Microsoft’s new Edge browser in terms of long-term support. The reason is simple: Many organizations use the archaic browser for legacy applications, and so Microsoft has had to keep it around but isn’t spending a great deal of time on improving it. Unfortunately, […]

Protect Your Network At Home And Sense When WiFi Enabled Devices Come Close To You With Fingbox

Fing is a nice app that runs on your smartphone or tablet that will show you who else is on your network. It puts an interface on capabilities like Ping, Traceroute and many others and presents information in a way that is fast. You can find links to download the app at Next time […]

Windows Tech Support Scams Continue To Be A Global Menace

Windows tech support scams aren’t a new problem by any means. Despite increased awareness in recent years, the criminals behind the phone calls and pop-ups show no signs of backing down. In fact, they even were more active in 2017. In a recent presentation at the RSA security conference, Microsoft revealed some numbers around Windows tech supports scams. […]

Effective intrusion detection for the Internet of Things

A group of researchers have devised a self-learning system for detecting compromised IoT devices that does not require prior knowledge about device types or labeled training data to operate. “We propose a novel approach that combines automated device-type identification and subsequent device-type-specific anomaly detection by making use of machine learning techniques. Read how a group […]

SOCs require automation to avoid analyst fatigue for emerging threats

A survey conducted by LogicHub at RSA Conference 2018 identified 79 percent of respondents believe both human expertise and security automation is needed for a powerful security infrastructure to keep enterprises safe from breaches.  Still, breaches go undetected for 206 days on average, showing while human expertise is pertinent, it is not effectively being deployed alongside automation tools. […]

Not all malware is created equal

Lastline’s Q4 2017 Malscape Monitor Report delivers previously unavailable trends and actionable insights into malicious behaviors and how threats unfold. Reflecting the objects analyzed in the last quarter of 2017, the report found that enterprises use over a 100 different file types every day to do business, with malware prevalent in over 40 different MIME […]

Are your organization’s key assets at risk?

A new study conducted by the Ponemon Institute shows increases in threats and awareness of threats to knowledge assets, as well as improvements in addressing those threats by the highest performing organizations.  Awareness of the risk to knowledge assets increased as more respondents acknowledged that their companies very likely failed to detect a breach involving knowledge […]

What Exactly Is ‘Cryptojacking’, And How Can Businesses Respond To The Spiralling Cyber Threat?

Earlier this month, the UK National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) published a report listing ‘cryptojacking’ as one of the biggest cyber threats facing UK businesses. But what exactly is cryptojacking, and how can technology be properly leveraged to protect businesses from this spiralling threat? Ben Williams, Director of Operations at Adblock Plus explains. “Cryptojacking is the act of […]

Secret global government surveillance: I’ll spy for you, if you spy for me

If you care about privacy and human rights, then information from a new report about secret global surveillance networks and the sharing of intelligence between governments is not good at all. In fact, the sharing of surveillance with intelligence and other governments is so “alarmingly under-regulated” that it is ripe for human right abuses. Privacy International […]