Peter Strong: Cyber attacks are a clear and present danger to small businesses

The recent hit by cyber criminals on websites around the world reinforces the need to change the culture of businesses to help deal with modern threats to our day-to-day business activities. There has been a call from all and sundry for the small business community to focus on this real and immediate threat; there is clear […]

Small business cyber bill would cost $6M

It would cost the federal government $6 million to implement legislation aimed at helping small businesses improve their cybersecurity, the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates. Read the news about how the newly initiated small medium cyber legislation would cost United States $6 million on The Hill.

Security Professionals React to Cybersecurity Executive Order

President Trump finally signed an executive order (EO) on cybersecurity. It appears to be receiving mostly positive reviews from security professionals but there is plenty of room to grow. According to Reuters, the EO on cybersecurity: seeks to improve the often-maligned network security of U.S. government agencies, from which foreign governments and other hackers have pilfered millions […]

Three shades of hackers: The differences among the white, grey, and black hats

The infographic below provides good, entertaining definitions of the terms white hat, grey hat and black hat hackers courtesy of Exigent Networks. As the infographic explains, there are some, well, grey areas between categories—for example, there is sometimes a fine line between grey hats and black hats. Read/see the infographic explaining the three shades of […]

‘Internet of things’ brings with it threats to security

Read why Robert J. Samuelson says that Internet of Things devices bring threats to security on Spokesman : The United States may have escaped most digital damage from the global “ransomware” virus, though cyber experts fear more attacks. One possible explanation is that the malicious software (“malware”) harms older versions of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, […]

Cybersecurity threat has a wider landscape now: Cisco

Cyber crooks are now casting a wider net, attacking not just PCs and mobile phones but also Internet-connected devices like security cameras or routers, which has “exponentially” increased the risk landscape, Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins said on Tuesday. Read why Chuck Robbins of Cisco says that cyber security threat has a wider landscape today on […]

The US is a ‘hard’ but ‘tasty’ target for terrorists: Former DHS official

Security in the US is tight, thanks to robust counterterrorism measures, but if the deadly bombing in Manchester revealed anything, it’s that motivated terrorists can hit the most vigilant countries. According to Jack Tomarchio, the former deputy undersecretary of Homeland Security for intelligence, the US remains the ‘big ticket target’ for enterprising terrorists who continue […]

Anticipating the impact of terror attacks on the live event industry

The world’s largest concert promoter suffered a 1 percent decline in its stock price following the attack on an Ariana Grande concert, but analysts expect the negative impact to be short-lived. Live Nation Entertainment, which put on the Grande show, had listed public concerns over terrorism as one of the major risks facing the company. […]

Soft targets remain vulnerable to terrorist attack

Counterterrorism experts have long warned about the vulnerability of soft targets, low security sites that present an attractive target for terrorists. Now experts are warning that music venues, sports stadiums, hotels, shopping malls, and transportation hubs around the world remain susceptible to attack. Unfortunately, the heightened security at high-profile areas may have pushed terrorists to […]

Five Pitfalls of Cybersecurity Insurance: Lessons from the United States

Read Ruth E. Promislow and Ethan Z. Schiff explain the five pitfalls of cyber security insurance on Lexology : Given the increasing threat of cyberattacks and the corresponding costs, businesses are increasingly considering cybersecurity insurance. But insurance is only as effective as the scope of the coverage. Though Canadian courts have not yet interpreted insurance […]