Teaching Staff To Respect The Risk Of A Data Breach

Read Karin Ratchinsky’s article about why companies should teach their employees about the data breach risks on Information Security Buzz : Last year was another one characterized by constant, confusing, and highly consequential data breaches. At this point, all organizations need to take this persistent threat seriously. Yet research by the Ponemon Institute reveals that just […]

Users take the cheese to solve data breaches

Cheese Movers International’s restructuring resulted in some employees being unhappy with either their new role or the new management. And unhappy employees, especially those who know the system well and have access, can become major problems for companies. Read about the new Verizon’s recently released annual breach report and its surprising conclusions on CSO Online.

Lack of IoT security could be our downfall

Read why Rick Delgado says that lack of Internet of Things security could be devastating for businesses on Beta News : Just as healthcare providers need PALS certification to keep up with new discoveries and advancements in medicine, individuals who work in IT need to become recertified with data security measures. One particular area in need […]

5 Data Breach Threats Your Small Business Should Prepare For

Securing sensitive information has never been more difficult with new malware threats that seem to pop up every single year. Data breaches affect even the most renowned companies like Yahoo, LinkedIn and Dropbox, to name a few. Read more about the five data breach threats small and medium businesses should prepare for on Business News […]

Bill Gates believes bioterrorism is a major threat: Should you be worried?

Terrorists could use genetic engineering as a weapon of mass destruction against populations, says Bill Gates. According to the Microsoft co-founder, enterprising terrorists could use genetic engineering methods to create a synthetic pathogen on their computers. The result could be a resurgent smallpox “or a super contagious and deadly strain of the flu,” and that […]

Establishing workplace violence standards in the healthcare industry

Workplace violence is rampant in the healthcare and social service sectors, according to OSHA investigations. To deal with the widespread problem, OSHA chief David Michaels proposes creating a standard that would govern the sector. The agency has been working toward a set of workplace violence rules for a while, and the next step may involve […]

Survey: Geopolitical changes driving encryption usage

Geopolitical uncertainties may be driving more and more organizations to use encryption, but they are also undermining confidence in the security of encrypted information. According to a recent Venafi survey, which polled 900 attendees at the RSA Conference 2017, 66 percent of respondents said their organizations were hoping to increase encryption usage. Read more about […]

It’s ‘Code Red’ as cyber-security pros gather

Cybersecurity threats are now a household worry, putting the thousands of professionals who flock to the annual RSA cybersecurity conference here in an unusually influential position. “The threat level is now Code Red,” said Avivah Litan, a security analyst with Gartner, a consulting company. Familiar threats, such as hacking by groups backed by governments, are not […]

Exclusive: Mimecast Report Indicates Cybersecurity Lags Behind Both Perceived Threat And Real Damage

Corporate cybersecurity has not kept up with either perceived security threats or damage resulting from security failures according to a report released today by Mimecast, an email security company. The Mimecast report combines the results of their Email Security Risk Assessment (ESRA) with a survey on corporate cybersecurity carried out in partnership with Vanson Bourne. […]

Cyber warriors see politics muddying security efforts

President Donald Trump has vowed to improve cyberattack defence, but security experts meeting this week say a fractious domestic and international political landscape could hamstring efforts to improve internet security. As the White House mulls an executive order on cybersecurity to combat an epidemic of data breaches and hacks, participants at the annual RSA Conference voiced […]